Far Away Hearts

[Music] Thank you What do you mean no you're wrong you Must be talking about someone else I'm Sorry we tried everything within our Power The complications came on so swiftly There was nothing we could do for her I'm so sorry What are you talking about Mine yesterday all she had was a cold She can't be dead no she's alive you're Wrong You're wrong Pop send fear I'm so sorry let's go to the Lord in Prayer seek his face in this most Terrible of Dimes ask him for Peace In This Moment Seek his face what's that supposed to Mean first our house is destroyed in the Flood that insurance company will pay us We're living in a motel until it's Settled in the courts and now our one And only daughter dies and you want me To seek the face of God Point what good has it done us what good Is he to us he healed people for three Years almost everyone that came to him He healed that he lets our daughter die Screw us I'm tired of this nonsense ever Since we started coming here at church We had nothing but problems and now our Daughter is dead

Please Bob you must trust in the Lord he Always knows what is best even when we Can't see it your little girl is with Him right now you must believe in that Trust in them Trust in him to do what to put us in the Mission make us live out on the streets Under a bridge listen to me the only Mistake we made was walking into that Church of yours now you get out of here And the next time you see me coming down The streets you better cross over to the Other side we don't need any more of This Christian garbage [Music] Oh A church why in the world would I want To join some stupid church I'm trying to Open a profitable business in this town Not get religion You don't get it you don't have to get Religion that's not the point the point Is to make money and to make money you Can't just expect to open up a business And then hope that people will just walk Through the door you got to go to where The money is and that's in the churches What in the world are you talking about I think you might want to cut back on The whiskey for a while stick to beer Look people that go to church generally Got money and that's what you want isn't It have you ever looked and thought in a Lot of some of those places they line up

With expensive cars tall people can't Afford fancy cars now I would suggest One of the Catholic ones they Best for business but some of the Lutheran ones are just as good once you Get in there you make nice you'll be Polite you listen to what them folks got To say the real family like shake their Hands and be all smiles they get to Trust in you then you invite them to Your business I guess I never thought of it like that But don't I got to join up like a club Or something Yeah sure but what's the problem with That you just buy your head when they Tell you to drop down to your knees Occasionally close your eyes and put Your hands together Goose to know the Difference look I'm telling y'all those Folks never loaded with cash you get to Tap into fam they get trust in you and The next thing you know you'll roll in The dough Foreign [Music] [Music] 's for you it's a hospice center from Daleville Hello Yes this is Pastor Smith Yes I see well it was expected Yes I agree she is indeed at peace now All right

Thank you for the call Well my sisters battle with the cancer Is finally over she is finally at home Her and Arthur are together forever in The presence of the Lord a day of great Sadness and of great praise these times Are always the most difficult and the Most Blessed did they say when the Funeral was going to be Yes Monday at 1pm I'll need to make some Phone calls Would you please get the airline tickets Lined up for tomorrow and perhaps book Us a room for a few days at a motel Of course sweetheart What are you going to do about the Sunday morning service [Music] Those are the calls I need to make You happen to know where my list is of The Elders of the church The same place you always keep it dear And your desk top right hand drawer oh Yes thank you sweetheart I don't know What I would do without you I'll go make those reservations Hello Steven this is Pastor Daniel my Sister has passed away and I need to be At the funeral this coming Monday can You preach this Sunday morning message For me I see Yes well I understand Yes thank you goodbye

Hello Davis this is Pastor Daniel Yes yes I'm looking forward to Sunday Morning as well but I'm afraid I'm not Going to be there so I'm so glad you're Planning on attending you see my sister Has passed away and I need someone to Preach the message for me this Sunday But you just said you were planning on Being there Oh all right yes I see well I don't mean To be a burden S thank you Yes We'll see you when we get back Now James you have been an elder at the Church for over five years now and Surely you must understand that there is More to that position than just making Sure the doors are unlocked on Sunday And the snow is shovel Yes yes I know you were voted in but There are responsibilities and we've had This conversation Yes I understand Well I'll let you go then goodbye [Music] What did you end up doing then dear I finally called over to our sister Church in Centerville and asked if their Associate pastor could come and give the Sunday morning message he was very happy To do so in fact it was ecstatic at the Opportunity you will grow into a fine Preacher on his own right if he

Continues to submit to the will of the Lore unlike the elders at our church Apparently for now Apparently so five Elders all voted in Before we arrived there and I'll fight With excuses for why they cannot or will Not fulfill the obligations that the Scriptures say they're to accept when I Get back we're going to have a meeting a Very well-defined meeting and unless Something changes that I cannot yet Foresee there are going to be some new Elders in the church very soon [Music] Thank you Foreign [Music] Foreign [Music]

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