Exploring the Book of Judges Chapter 10: A Narration of the Audio Bible in NKJV

In this blog post, we delve into the Book of Judges Chapter 10 in an NKJV audio Bible narration. Join us as we explore the events and characters in this pivotal chapter and discover the valuable lessons that we can learn from them. As we uncover the meaning behind the words, we’ll gain a deeper appreciation for the timeless wisdom contained in this ancient text. Let’s begin our journey together through the pages of Judges Chapter 10.


The Book of Judges is a part of the Old Testament of the Bible that tells the story of Israel and its leaders, known as judges. In this article, we will explore the tenth chapter of this book, which features the judgeship of Tola and Jair. We will also discuss the cycle of sin and deliverance that is a recurring theme in the book, as well as the cliffhanger ending that leaves readers wondering what will happen next.

Tola, the Son of Pure

Chapter 10 of the Book of Judges begins by introducing Tola, the son of pure, who is said to have judged Israel for 23 years. Not much else is known about Tola, but his leadership is described as being peaceful and without any significant conflict.

Jair, the Gileadite

Following Tola’s death, a man named Jair, who was a Gileadite with 30 sons and towns, became the judge of Israel. Jair judged Israel for 22 years and is said to have been a strong and prosperous leader. Under his leadership, Israel enjoyed peace and prosperity.

The Cycle of Sin and Deliverance

However, even with strong leaders like Tola and Jair, the cycle of sin and deliverance continues. The children of Israel returned to their evil ways and began worshiping other gods. This led to distress and oppression, and the people cried out to God for help.

In response, God reminded the people of his previous deliverance from their enemies. He also urged them to put away their foreign gods and turn back to serving him. The people listened and repented, and God raised up another leader to help them.

The People of Ammon

In the midst of this cycle of sin and deliverance, the people of Ammon gathered and encamped in Gilead. This was a significant threat to the Israelites, and the leaders of Gilead began searching for a man to lead them against the people of Ammon.


Chapter 10 of the Book of Judges offers a glimpse into the ongoing struggle of Israel to remain faithful to God. It is a reminder that even with good leaders, the cycle of sin and deliverance continues. In the end, the chapter ends on a cliffhanger, leaving readers wondering who will step up to lead Gilead against the people of Ammon. As we continue to read the book of Judges, we will see how this story unfolds and what lessons we can learn from the struggles of ancient Israel.

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