Exploring Psalm 82: A chapter-by-chapter analysis in the New King James Version Audio Bible (US)

Welcome to our blog post series where we embark on a captivating journey through the powerful book of Psalms. Today, we will delve into Psalm 82, unpacking its profound messages and insights. As we explore this chapter in the New King James Version Audio Bible (US), we will embark on a chapter-by-chapter analysis, uncovering the hidden gems and timeless wisdom within. Join us as we dive deep into the divine teachings of Psalm 82 and discover the truths it has to offer. Let’s embark on this enlightening journey together!


Psalm 82 is a fascinating chapter in the New King James Version Audio Bible (US) that explores the theme of God’s judgment upon unjust and partial rulers. This chapter serves as a reminder of the importance of defending the poor and fatherless, while also highlighting the need for justice to be upheld for the afflicted. Through this analysis, we will delve into the powerful verses of Psalm 82, shedding light on its meaning and significance.

Psalm 82: God judges unjust and partial rulers

In this chapter, Psalmist brings to light the issue of rulers who fail to act with righteousness and impartiality. The opening verse states, “God stands in the congregation of the mighty; He judges among the gods” (Psalm 82:1, NKJV). Here, the term “gods” refers to earthly rulers who are entrusted with the responsibility of ensuring justice and fairness. However, these rulers have failed in their duties, leading to widespread injustice.

Defend the poor and fatherless, do justice to the afflicted

One key message that emerges from Psalm 82 is the importance of defending the poor and fatherless. The psalmist highlights the need for rulers to rise up and protect those who are vulnerable and oppressed. It is not enough for rulers to merely hold positions of power; they must actively seek justice for those who cannot fight for themselves. This resonates with the timeless principle of ensuring that the marginalized are granted equal opportunities and fair treatment.

Deliver the poor and needy from the wicked

Another significant aspect of Psalm 82 is the call to deliver the poor and needy from the clutches of the wicked. This verse emphasizes the responsibility of rulers to use their authority to correct inequities and protect those who are being exploited. It serves as a stark reminder that those in positions of power have a duty to dismantle systems of oppression and ensure the well-being of the most vulnerable members of society.

They do not know or understand, they walk in darkness

Psalm 82 highlights the ignorance and lack of understanding displayed by unjust rulers. They are depicted as individuals who walk in darkness, completely oblivious to the consequences of their actions. This portrayal reinforces the notion that power without wisdom and empathy leads to disastrous outcomes. The psalmist is urging rulers to seek knowledge, gain understanding, and make informed decisions that will contribute to the progress and well-being of their people.

All the foundations of the Earth are unstable

The unstable foundations referenced in Psalm 82 signify the chaos and disorder that result from the failure of rulers to fulfill their duties. When those in power neglect their responsibilities, society as a whole suffers. The psalmist’s words serve as a cautionary tale, reminding rulers of the essential role they play in maintaining a stable and just society.

You are gods, but you shall die like men

In Psalm 82, rulers are reminded that despite their elevated status and authority, they are mortal beings who will eventually face judgment. The phrase “you shall die like men” serves as a sobering reminder that earthly power and status are temporary. It highlights the need for rulers to use their positions wisely and for the benefit of all, as they too will be held accountable for their actions.

Arise, O God, judge the Earth

Psalm 82 concludes with a plea for God to rise up and judge the earth, bringing righteousness and justice to all. This call for divine intervention reflects the psalmist’s belief that human rulers alone cannot rectify the widespread corruption and injustice that permeate society. It serves as a reminder that ultimately, it is God’s judgment that will prevail, and it is His justice that we must continually strive to uphold.

You shall inherit all nations

In the final verse of Psalm 82, rulers are reassured that they shall inherit all nations. This promise carries a twofold meaning. Firstly, it signifies that those who fulfill their responsibilities as just rulers will be rewarded with prosperity and success. Secondly, it reminds rulers that their influence extends beyond their immediate territories, and they have a duty to uphold justice not only within their own nations but also on a global scale.


Psalm 82 provides a powerful examination of the responsibilities and failings of rulers. Through its verses, we are reminded of the importance of defending the poor and fatherless, delivering the needy from the wicked, and upholding justice for the afflicted. The chapter urges rulers to rise above ignorance and walk in wisdom, recognizing the instability that arises when responsibilities are neglected. Ultimately, it calls for divine intervention and reminds rulers that their actions will be judged, both in this life and beyond.

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