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Gentlemen next Monday is the first day Of finals week for your first semester I Trust all of you have prepared your Hearts and Minds through prayer to do The utmost best that you can here at John C Carroll's Seminary College we Expect all those men who have desired to Serve the Lord in the ministry to be as Proficient as possible in Not only Living for the glory of God but in Expanding upon his word correctly and in Line the intent and meaning of the Scripture On Monday morning I will expect in this Classroom 5 000 word dissertation on the Context of what is commonly known as the Good Samaritan found in the Book of Luke Chapter 10 verses 25-37. You will be graded on not only your take On the meaning of this subject But oh now you might apply it in your Life the circumstances ever arrived and Seeing how each of you want to behave The pastors missionaries or in some Other way of service to the Living God You will indeed some time in your life Come across as not only in spiritual Need but many times in great physical Needs as well There are four individuals in this Account given to us by the Lord Jesus Christ and as such you will give at Least the shorts and Nazis of what you Believe the reason of the response was

Of at least three of them seeing how we Have no words given to us of the man who Needed the assistance of the Samaritan But if you so desire some comment on the Possible thoughts of the one who was Left for half dead Will of course be accepted Seeing how this is your first semester Here I will of course be lenient in some Matters but even small children have Heard of this account and says none of You ought to think as children anymore Keep in mind the reason of the Lord's Recitation of this account for his Audience and that the entirety of the Context is about our actions towards Those in need not simply our faults As you have already heard me say many Times gentlemen there are no rewards in Heaven for good intentions All right then this class is dismissed You may tend to the rest of your classes For the day I will see you Monday Morning [Music] Good morning gentlemen I trust all of You had a good weekend As you will recall Your assignment for this first day of Finals week was to produce an essay on What is commonly known as the account in The scriptures of the Good Samaritan I trust all of you found the time to do So

As you can see I have invited Dean Alford to attend This morning's class session for I Believe this matter at hand is of the Utmost importance Also if you will please welcome Mr Samuelson a third year student here at Carroll College And one whom we are all watching with Great expectations as he grows in the Grace and knowledge of the Lord Now on to this morning subject matter I would ask that all of you here watch The video screen as you prepare your Essay papers by placing them in your Right hand And depositing them into the waste Receptacle that Mr Samuelson will be Holding as he passes by your desks when Is the college going to do something About these bombs it just wandering here Off the street this is the second one I've seen here in the last three months Now hey why don't you get a job you lazy Bombs are all the same just lay around All day looking for somebody they give You a hand down go somewhere and take a Bath you smell like you've been rolling Around in a garbage dumpster Gentlemen each and every one of you say For Mr Barclay Have hereby failed at this lesson Miserably and are hereby giving a Failing grade in this class

It is inconceivable to me that man who Claimed to have prepared their hearts to Serve the Living God That profess the Lord Jesus Christ as The savior of the Soul would perform the Actions we have watched on the screen This morning What did our Lord do but to help those In need What did he do but love those who were Considered the unlovely To watch as each of you sitting here Walked past the homeless man One wanted nothing more and a little Compassion perhaps it come from the Table and pay no attention to him Whatsoever Some of you even mocking him was to put It quite bluntly Beyond detestable in my Sight I have asked Dean Alford to assist me in Making some very important decisions This morning Beyond that which is My Prerogative to Do of giving each of you here a failing Grade in this class We will be discussing amongst other Things the punishments do to each of you Some will be required to retake this Course if there is not room for you in The upcoming semester you will Nevertheless be required to retake it in Its entirety before you will be allowed To graduate

Some of you will be dismissed from the College entirely For in at least some of you there was Not only no compassion on the character That Mr Samuelson played for us in this Little test But complete disregard and content of a Homeless man that he portrayed There is no base in service of the Lord God for such a one as that You are all dismissed You will be contacted individually to Learn of your fate in accordance to the Consequences of your actions that you Will receive Good day sirs [Music] Ladies and gentlemen I would like to Discuss something that has been on the Minds of all of us these past few years The degradation of the area in this city Where our blessed church is located at We have watched as the city around us Has been blighted by poverty random Crime and drug abuse alcoholism and all Manner of depravity many of us have Thought to ourselves that perhaps it's Time to relocate to a different area of The city but because this church has Been in this location for so many years We find ourselves Torn Between the Decision to leave this honorable Building and relocating to a more Serene Location where we can worship the law as

You would ask to do I would like to do Something a little different this Morning an urban author for discussion On this most important of matters Well I'll be more than happy to start The conversation and I'm sure I'm Speaking for many when I say this it's Time to move some of us sitting here This morning have been here for years Some even for decades and we have Watched as the neighborhood has Degenerated into nothing more than a Lawless perverse blighted area my Goodness people how many times have you Had to walk around human feces as you Came up to the door of this house of God How many times have you had to step Around a drunk or junkie just to enter This hello building while the reasons we Canceled the Sunday evening service and The Wednesday evening Bible studies was Because we were in fear for our very Lives after the sun went down around Here When my husband Harry and I God Rest his Soul first start coming to this church Over 40 years ago there was nothing but Good people in the neighborhood now just Look at it my goodness the pastor then Didn't even lock the doors during the Week now we have bars on the windows and Security cameras around the entire Parking lot while after there even had Her car broken into last week while we

Were in here praising God for his Goodness there is no helping these People I vote we moved to a different Location I totally agree and I believe most if Not all of us do we can't be expected to Worship God in these kind of conditions It's not what he would want for any of His children it's just not possible to Serve the Lord when you are in fear of Your life when the outside of the Building reeks with an undesirable odor I for one am ready to leave this place And find a new location so that we can Do what the Lord wants us to do serve Him properly and in an oily manner Then it's agree we will begin searching For a new location to hold our services Far away from those who do not love the Lord and serve him as they should [Music] Foreign I'm so sorry we've been out of town and Only heard the news this morning I'm so sorry for your loss Thank you Gene that's very kind of you What happened How did all this come about Daniel and I were down in What's called The Mission District of town along with Three others from the church handing out Gospel tracks offering water and Blankets to whoever wanted one it's Something we've been doing for several

Months now something the Lord had laid On our hearts to do for his glory Most of the people there are friendly Enough most are in very desperate Situations barely finding enough food to Make it through the day but some of them Are very seriously under the power of Satan drugs and drink are rampant down In the area A few of them attempted to start an Argument with Daniel about the care and Love of the Lord if he loved them so Much then why were they in the position That they were in then some of them Became violent maybe it was the drugs Maybe they were just fed up with their Situation and wanted to lash out at Someone maybe it was our adversary Provoking them I don't know they started Throwing whatever they could find at us And Daniel was hit in the head with a Rock He die instantly Oh Sandra I am so sorry But maybe you should really think about This maybe it's the Lord calling you to Do something else you can't keep going Down there it's far too dangerous [Music] No Gene you don't understand that is Where he has called me to go and others In the church as well we know this Beyond any shadow of a doubt we are

Called to go out into the world Satan's World a sheep amongst the Wolves that's Where the laws are those that are Hurting those that the world has cast Off if those of us who say we have been Crucified with Christ cast them off as Well what hope is there for them I will see my loving husband again and Be with him in the presence of the Lord For all eternity until then I will do as My savior asks me to Jew and leave the Consequences to myself in his Caring Hands [Music] Thank you [Music] Foreign [Music]

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