End of Days

Um [Music] Verily I say unto you They have their reward I want to bring something to your Attention here today And that something is called evil And I would like to show it in its Relationship to the last part of Romans 14 23. For whatever is not of faith is sin Those of you who study the scriptures to Be able to give an account of your faith To all that ask you of it understand the Importance of being able to recognize Evil And many of you have determined to take A stand against it solely for the glory Of God Your reward awaits you my friends My Hope though is that you are not being Deceived by the subtleties of these evil Days That you are able to tell the difference Between the actions of Fallen men And The Wiles of our adversary Satan intentionally subverts the will of God wherever he can on purpose he Modifies the word of God so as to Deceive as many as he can or if you will He is allowed to do so in an attempt so That the work of the holy spirit is Hindered in the lives of those who have Been chosen by God those who have been

Born again These subtle lies and half-truths are Not easily discerned by those who do not Study the scriptures and so such Although they are indeed on the path to The kingdom of the most high their Witness for him is hindered by a lack of The knowledge of the truth We are in the last days We have been in the last day since our Lord rose from the dead But because of the evil that is so Prevalent in the times that we find Ourselves in Many have begun to call them the end of The end days or the last of the last Days Here you must ask yourself this question Is evil growing exponentially or is it Only more visible It isn't difficult to look back in History and see that they have always Been transgender individuals That homosexual Behavior has always been Amongst us That rulers in every place of authority Have almost always served their own Interests above those that have been set In authority over that Rebellion against The almighty has always been in the Heart of man Genesis 6. Five has stood as truth in mankind since Adam sinned against the Lord

And God saw that the wickedness of man Was great in the Earth And that every imagination of the Thoughts of his heart was only evil Continually Is evil growing Can Satan increase in power or is Mankind simply attempting to free itself From the almighty and what he would have For them What he offers all who will come to the Lord Jesus Christ Freedom From The Bondage of sin Are more people living in accordance to Romans 3 18. there is no fear of God Before their eyes As the Lord given more over to a Reprobate mind or is evil only more Visible to us because of the Advent of Social media As it always been as the days we find Ourselves in [Music] Are you able to finally see just how few There are that have been crucified with Christ is Matthew 7. 14 becoming a truth To you Because straight is the gate and narrow Is the way Which leadeth unto life and few that be That find it I have witnessed many acts of great Kindness by people towards others People who do not profess faith in the

Lord Jesus Christ people who do what is Called good in the eyes of man yet who If they do not repent will spend Eternity in pain and suffering Have received their reward here I have sat amongst those who profess to Know the Lord Jesus Christ as Savior yet Their hearts are far from him His evil growing or are we in this Generation who have been crucified with Christ being blessed with the ability to See it in a clearer light Are the wicked being exposed to those of Us who have prayed for and been blessed To see their heart of rebellion against The Almighty Is the Lord Our God lowering the hedges Is Satan being allowed free of rain are We indeed in the end of days Or are those who have been blessed with Eyes to see and ears to hear seeing Finally the depravity of mankind in its Fullness Unabated by a fear of God a longer Can Satan increase in power if man does Not heat his calling And the Lord said unto me rise get thee Down quickly from hence for thy people Which thou Hast brought forth out of Egypt have corrupted themselves My friends evil has always been here Satan has always attempted to draw men Away from the knowledge and truth of the Living God you should know this

The question then is this If indeed you have been born again What are you doing about it today How are you standing in the gap What are you doing to reach out to the Lost what actions are you performing in Your life that brings glory to God in These days of great evil How are you showing a world just who it Is you serve and why Foreign [Music]

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