Elaborate Buddhist monastery and temple found in random neighborhood

I'm getting to the point where I can Look at the outside of a church and give You a pretty good guess as to what kind Of Christianity is going on in there but My family and I just got lost looking For a Target in Florida and we came Across this place I've never seen Anything like it before yeah obviously This is not a Christian Church this is a Place of worship or meditation for Another religion I couldn't tell what it Was from the road now you get here and You can see that there's a statue of Buddha back there it looks like the Language is Thai I don't know what any Of this imagery means I don't know what The red and green ELF Goblin Guardians Do or symbolize that's really Disorienting and it's kind of a reminder Of what it must be like for somebody Who's never been around Christianity to Walk up to a church for the first time Just the complexity of it reminds you That you are indeed an outsider I don't Plan on becoming a Buddhist anytime soon But this is beautiful and interesting And I would love to learn more about What happens here

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