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That was the 2023 Rio de Janeiro Carnival and it's been getting a lot of Criticism online for its overly satanic Theme and mockery of God in terms of the Satanic imagery there was a massive Float of a red devil with horns adorned With more Devils all around it and there Was also a scene where the devil Tortured Jesus many critics of this Carnival on Tick Tock and YouTube said It was an open display of devil worship And I don't know if I'd go so far as to Claim that myself because there were no People actually bowing down to and Praying to the devil there however I Still think it was totally satanic and Since we're on the subject of the devil I want to take this opportunity to Explain that Satan doesn't actually look Like that nowhere in the Bible do you See a description of Satan as a red Monster with horns Hooves a tail and a Pitchfork that description of the Devil Comes from a mixture of Greek mythology And the Book of Revelation take for Example the Greek god pan his upper body Was that of a man while his legs were That of a goat and he had horns on his Head that's where the devil got his Horns and legs from there's a couple of Theories about where the devil got his Pitchfork from including the Greek god Poseidon or Hades Poseidon was the Greek God of the sea who wielded a

Three-pronged pitchfork and Hades who Wielded abidant which was a two-pronged Pitchfork was the Greek god of the Underworld the underworld in Greek Mythology was a world where Souls would Go after death this is similar to the Idea that Satan is the ruler of Hell Under the Earth as a matter of fact That's probably where the concept of an Eternal hell came from since biblically Hell is not burning now but that's Another subject the devil got his red Collar and tail from Revelation chapter 12 where it symbolically describes him As a great fiery red dragon in verse 3 And in verse 4 it says his tale drew a Third part of the stars of heaven and Threw them to the Earth the color red is A symbol for sin and bloodshed Isaiah Chapter 1 verse 18 states though your Sins are like Scarlet they shall be White as snow though they are red like Crimson they shall be as wool and Revelation chapter 6 verse 4 talks about A fiery red horse during a time when Persecution broke out against the people Of God stating another horse fiery red Went out and it was granted to the one Who sat on it to take peace from the Earth and that people should kill one Another and there was given to him a Great sword so this is a fitting color For Satan who is the originator of sin And instigator of persecution against

God's people throughout history Revelation is a very insightful book but It's also a very symbolic book and Difficult for many people to understand And if you'd like to get a better Understanding of the Book of Revelation Then I highly recommend reading Revelation verse by verse I've actually Been using it as a part of my research For this video Revelation verse by verse Is a daily devotional designed to help You gain a better understanding of the Book of Revelation in one year with 365 Short readings some of the things that You will learn about in this book is the Mark of the beast The Four Horsemen of The Apocalypse the seven last plagues And the second coming of Jesus to name a Few you can get Revelation verse by Verse as a hard copy or digital download Click on the link in the video Description to order your copy today so Satan is not a hideous monster but he Delights to be portrayed as a hideous Monster because then people will Discount his existence thinking people Equate monsters with myth so when they See the devil trade as a monster they Disregard him and that's exactly what he Wants one of the greatest tricks of Satan is to get people to believe that He doesn't exist that way people are More susceptible to his influence in Tempting deceiving and misleading them

But back to the appearance of Satan According to Ezekiel chapter 28 verse 12 He was a beautiful angel before his fall And there's no reason to believe that he Hasn't retained his alluring appearance Although his character has become Completely corrupted as a matter of fact Second Corinthians chapter 11 verse 14 States and no wonder for Satan himself Transforms himself into an angel of Light so he can even make himself appear As an angel of God and that's what makes Him so dangerous this reminds me of the Religion of Islam According to Islamic Tradition the first revelation of the Iran to Muhammad was by the angel Gabriel in a cave on the mountain of Hira near the city of Mecca in Present-day Saudi Arabia in the year 610 A.D however the Quran has many Contradictions to the Bible one big one Is the fact that the Quran claims God Has no son or equal Surah 112 verses 1 Through 4 in the Quran States say he is Allah who is one Allah the Eternal Refuge he neither begets nor is born nor Is there to him any equivalent but first John chapter 2 verse 22 in the Bible States who is a liar but he who denies That Jesus is the Christ he is Antichrist who denies the father and the Son the Bible teaches that Jesus is the Divine Son of God and warns that anyone Who denies that is a liar and an

Antichrist therefore that couldn't be Gay Rio who revealed the Quran to Muhammad that must have been Satan or One of his demons another example of a Supposed Angel being behind the start of A major false religion is the Angel Moroni who showed Joseph Smith where Golden Plates were from which The Book Of Mormon was translated there are Numerous contradictions between the Book Of Mormon and the Bible for example the Bible teaches that we are saved by grace Through faith alone but the Book of Mormon teaches works-based salvation for Example second Nephi chapter 25 verse 23 States it is by grace that we are saved After all we can do there is no amount Of works we can do to earn God's grace This is completely contrary to the Bible Ephesians chapter 2 verses 8 through 9 States for by Grace you have been saved Through faith and that not of yourselves In other words not after all that you Can do it is the gift of God not of Works lest anyone should boast in Addition second Nephi chapter 9 verse 23 States and he commandeth all men that They must repent and be baptized in his Name having perfect faith in the Holy One of Israel or they cannot be saved in The Kingdom of God in other words Baptism is a requirement for salvation This is another gospel Galatians chapter 1 verses 8 through 9 warns but even if

We or an angel from heaven or might I Add a demon posing as an angel preach Any other gospel to you than what we Have preached to you let him be accursed As we have said before so now I say Again if anyone preaches any other Gospel to you then what you have Received let him be accursed the angel Gabriel who revealed the Quran to Muhammad and Moroni it was nothing more Than demonic spirits masquerading as Angels of God to mislead and deceive People with a false gospel back to the Rio Carnival as I mentioned earlier There was this scene where the devil Dragged Jesus through the streets and Stabbed him with his Pitchfork and even Though we don't find that in the Bible It does remind me of the suffering and Death that Jesus experienced for us in John chapter 10 verses 17 through 18 Jesus said therefore my father loves me Because I lay down my life that I may Take it again no one takes it from me But I lay it down of myself I have power To lay it down and I have power to take It again this command I have received From my father can you imagine that Jesus had the power to save himself but He chose not to he willingly gave Himself up to be crucified so that we Might have eternal life and he did it All because of his great love for us Jesus could have easily delivered

Himself from the cross during his arrest Jesus said in Matthew chapter 26 verses 53-54 or do you think that I cannot now Pray to my father and he will provide me With more than 12 Legions of angels how Then could the scriptures be fulfilled That it must happen thus Jesus wasn't Thinking about his best interests during His arrest he was thinking about our Best interests his desire was that the Scriptures might be fulfilled that teach The Messiah would die to redeem the Lost Isaiah chapter 53 verses 5 through 6 Says but he was wounded for our Transgressions he was bruised for our Iniquities the chastisement for our Peace was upon him and by his stripes we Are healed all we like sheep have gone Astray we have turned everyone to his Own way and the lord has laid on him the Iniquity of us all this act of Jesus's Love is the greatest gift of God and all You have to do to receive it is accept Him as your lord and savior have you Accepted Jesus as your lord and savior I Hope you have but if not I encourage you To click on the screen to watch my video Entitled five steps to Salvation if you Enjoyed this video please like it and Share it to help spread God's word thank You for watching and God bless you

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