Do This to Gain VICTORY Over the IDOLS in Your Life

It's important to remember if we want Victory over the idols in our lives we Need to take the same approach as King Josiah and second Chronicles 34 verses 3 To 4 for in the eighth year of his Reign While he was still young he began to Seek the god of his father David and in The 12th year he began to purge Judah And Jerusalem of the higher places the Wooden images the carved images and the Molded images they broke down the altars Of the bars in his presence and the Incense altars which were above them he Cut down and the and the wooden images The carved images and the molded images He broke in pieces and made dusted them And Scattered it on the graves of those Who had sacrificed to them Josiah was Seeking the Lord he absolutely Obliterated all the idols in the land we Can say Lord Josiah was faithful to you Please do the same thing in my life help Me to be faithful to you and give me the Strength to break down the idols that Are keeping me from you

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