Do some Old Testament narratives make you uncomfortable?

Another part of what makes these stories So uncomfortable you know with the shift Towards Constantine begins a shift Towards the Jesus movement becoming Enfranchised yeah with the state Power Systems once that shift happens then all Of a sudden these narratives become Templates for Conquest Conquest Colonial Expansion the problem is that these Stories have been used to sponsor actual Conquest of actual human societies and So what I'm saying is Paul's statement Our enemy is not flesh and blood is a Message we should be getting out of the Meaning of Deuteronomy and one of the Keys that kind of maybe helps do that is That this all is leading to Jesus yeah And then the way he teaches his Disciples is not of this kind of Conquest it's actually of like very Sacrificial like loving your enemy yeah I'm with you and that was Jesus's that's Jesus that's how Jesus picked up this Whole set of themes and took it as Marching orders for the arrival of the Kingdom of God that he was bringing Thank you [Music]

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