Discovering the depths of 1 Samuel Chapter 27: Audio Bible Reading in New King James Version (NKJV)

Looking to deepen your understanding of the Bible? Join me as we explore the intriguing narrative of 1 Samuel Chapter 27 through an audio Bible reading in the New King James Version. This powerful book delves into the complex relationships and struggles of biblical figures, offering insights and lessons still applicable to our lives today. So, let’s dive into the depths of this chapter and uncover the treasures it holds.

Discovering the depths of 1 Samuel Chapter 27: Audio Bible Reading in New King James Version (NKJV)


The Book of 1 Samuel is a profound and remarkable section of the Old Testament, packed with historical events, moral teachings, and spiritual implications. It vividly portrays the life of the prophet Samuel, King Saul, and David, who would eventually become Israel’s greatest king. In chapter 27 of 1 Samuel, we delve into a critical turn of events in David’s life, where he decides to flee from King Saul and seek refuge in the land of the Philistines. In this article, we will explore the events leading up to this decision, the consequences that followed, and the lessons that we can learn from it.

David fears Saul and decides to escape to the land of the Philistines

David’s success as a leader in defense of his people had made him popular and admired among the Israelites. However, his growing reputation and popularity had made him a threat to King Saul, who became increasingly jealous and sought to eliminate him. David knew that he needed to escape to ensure his survival, and he decided to seek refuge in the land of the Philistines.

He goes to Gath with 600 men and settles there with his two wives

David went to the city of Gath with his 600 men, where he was welcomed by King Akish of Gath. He settled there with his two wives, Ahinoam and Abigail. It was a precarious situation for David, who was taking a considerable risk by putting himself in a foreign land with people who were enemies of his people.

Saul hears about David’s escape and stops searching for him

When King Saul heard about David’s escape to the land of the Philistines, he stopped searching for him. Saul believed that David had found refuge among the Philistines, who were traditional enemies of Israel, and that he would no longer pose a threat to his reign.

David asks Akish to give him a town in the country to dwell in and gets Ziklag

David asked Akish to give him a town in the country where he could live with his men and their families. Akish granted David’s request, and he was given the town of Ziklag. David and his men settled there and began a new life.

David and his men raid the Geshurites, the Gezrites, and the Amalekites and take their possessions

While David was living in Ziklag, he and his men made several raids on neighboring lands, attacking the Geshurites, the Gezrites, and the Amalekites. They took their possessions, including their flocks, herds, donkeys, and camels.

Akish asks David where he raids, and David names various areas of Judah

King Akish asked David where he and his men raided, and David told him that they raided various areas of Judah. Akish trusted David and believed that he would be his servant forever.

David kills all the people in the areas he raids to prevent them from informing on him

David feared that the people of the areas he raided might inform on him to Saul. To prevent this, he killed all the people in those areas, leaving no one alive to tell the tale. It was a brutal act, but David believed that it was necessary to ensure his survival.


Chapter 27 of 1 Samuel offers a fascinating glimpse into David’s life and the lengths he went to ensure his survival. It depicts a man who is willing to take enormous risks, venture into enemy territories, and engage in brutal acts to stay alive. While David’s actions may seem extreme, they show his commitment to his cause and his people. It also highlights the importance of wise decision-making during challenging times and the consequences thereof. As we navigate our journeys, we may face situations that require us to make difficult decisions, and like David, we must choose wisely and weigh the consequences of our actions.

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