Discovering Joshua Chapter 5 in NKJV Audio Bible Version: A Comprehensive Review

Are you looking for an in-depth review of Joshua Chapter 5 in the NKJV Audio Bible version? Look no further! In this blog post, we explore the nuances of this pivotal chapter in the Old Testament. From the significance of circumcision to Joshua’s encounter with the Commander of the Lord’s army, we leave no stone unturned. Join us as we dive into the scriptures and unveil the hidden treasures within Joshua Chapter 5.


The book of Joshua is an exciting and adventurous book of the Old Testament. The book illustrates God’s faithfulness to His people and their victories over their enemies. Joshua Chapter 5 is a critical chapter in the book of Joshua because it prepares the Israelites for the conquest of the Promised Land. In this article, we will delve into a comprehensive review of Joshua Chapter 5 in the New King James Version (NKJV) audio Bible version.

Joshua Circumcised the Sons of Israel with Flint Knives

As Joshua and the Israelites gathered at the bank of the Jordan River, they experienced a significant event in their history. The Amorite and Canaanite kings were afraid of the Israelites after they crossed the Jordan. God commanded Joshua to circumcise the Israelites for the second time with flint knives. This was because the men who left Egypt and were circumcised died in the wilderness, and their sons were not.

The Israelites stayed in camp until they were healed from circumcision. This was a testament to the fact that obedience plays a crucial role in our relationship with God. When Joshua obeyed God’s commandment, the Israelites experienced healing.

The Reproach of Egypt Was Removed from the Israelites

After the men of Israel were circumcised, the Lord declared that He has removed the reproach of Egypt from the Israelites. Their circumcision was a physical sign of the covenant between God and the Israelites. By removing the reproach of Egypt, God was showing His commitment to His people and their journey to the Promised Land.

God’s action in removing the reproach of Egypt was also a message to the Israelites that they were no longer slaves to Egypt. They were now God’s chosen people, and He had a purpose for them. They were to conquer the Promised Land and make it their home.

The Israelites Celebrated Passover at Gilgal

The Israelites celebrated Passover at an area called Gilgal after they crossed the Jordan River. They ate food from the land of Canaan, signifying that they had entered the Promised Land. The celebration of Passover was also a reminder of God’s deliverance of the Israelites from Egypt.

It was a time for the Israelites to reflect on God’s faithfulness, and provision throughout their journey from Egypt to the Promised Land. Passover symbolized the Exodus; it was also a reminder of the wilderness experience, bringing forth new hope as the Israelites settled into the new land.

Joshua Encountered the Commander of the Lord’s Army

Joshua saw a man with a sword drawn and worshipped him as the commander of the Lord’s army. The commander told Joshua to take his sandals off because he was standing on holy ground. This encounter is often debated as a precursor to the pre-incarnate appearance of Jesus. It was a moment where Joshua understood that God was with them and would lead them to victory in their conquest of the Promised Land.


In conclusion, Joshua Chapter 5 in the New King James Version audio Bible is a powerful chapter that teaches us the importance of obedience, covenant, celebration, and encounter with God. It is a chapter that will encourage us to trust God in our journey, commit to His plans, celebrate His faithfulness, and understand His presence in our lives. As we explore this chapter, may we be blessed and encouraged in our personal relationship with God.

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