Discover the Divine Words of Joshua Chapter 24 in NKJV Audio Bible

Experience the powerful and inspiring words of Joshua Chapter 24 in the NKJV Audio Bible. In this chapter, Joshua delivers a powerful speech to the Israelites, urging them to choose whom they will serve and reminding them of all the wonders God has done for them. With the clarity and fluency of the NKJV translation and the immersive experience of audio narration, you’ll feel like you’re right there with Joshua and the Israelites as they bear witness to the glory of God. Let the words of Joshua Chapter 24 inspire and guide you in your own spiritual journey.

Discover the Divine Words of Joshua Chapter 24 in NKJV Audio Bible


The book of Joshua is full of stories about how God led the Israelites to victory and into the Promised Land. Chapter 24 is a significant chapter as it contains the final words of Joshua, the leader of Israel. In this chapter, he reminds the Israelites of their history, God’s faithfulness, and urges them to serve the Lord. Let’s delve into the divine words of Joshua Chapter 24 in the NKJV audio Bible.

Joshua gathers all the tribes of Israel in Shechem

Joshua gathered all the tribes of Israel at Shechem and called for the elders, leaders, judges, and officers. He presented them before God, and they offered sacrifices and burnt offerings. Shechem is significant since it is where Abraham first built an altar when he arrived in the Promised Land.

Joshua reminds the Israelites about their history

In his address to the people, Joshua recapitulates their journey from the time of Abraham, through their slavery in Egypt, to how God delivered them from bondage. He reminds them of how God helped them defeat their enemies and gave them the land of Amorites which they now inhabit.

God delivered Israelites out of Egypt

God led the Israelites out of Egypt with a mighty hand and an outstretched arm. He made a covenant with them and promised to be their God. He parted the Red Sea, provided them with manna from heaven, and water from a rock to quench their thirst. God protected them and fought their battles.

God gave Israelites the land of the Amorites

God fulfilled his promise to the Israelites by giving them the land of the Amorites. He drove out their enemies before them and gave them a home where they could worship Him and live in peace. The Israelites now had everything they needed, but they were in danger of forgetting God.

Joshua urged the Israelites to serve the Lord

Joshua reminded the people of the many blessings that God had bestowed upon them. He urged them to serve the Lord and to put away all the foreign gods that they had begun to worship. He knew that if they didn’t turn back to God, they would eventually fall into sin and suffer the consequences.

The Israelites vowed to serve the Lord

After Joshua’s speech, the Israelites vowed to serve the Lord. They promised to obey His commands, to follow His laws and statues, and to worship Him alone. They made a covenant with Joshua and agreed to follow him as their leader.

Joshua made a covenant with the people

Joshua made a covenant with the people, setting up a witness stone at Shechem as a reminder of their commitment to God. He wrote down the words of the covenant in the Book of the Law and placed it beside the Ark of the Covenant. The people agreed to the terms of the covenant, pledging to worship and serve the Lord.

Joshua died at the age of 110 and was buried in Timnath Sira

After a long life of faithful service to the Lord, Joshua died at the age of 110. He was buried in Timnath Sira, which was in the hill country of Ephraim, north of Mount Gaash. The people of Israel continued to worship and serve the Lord during the lifetime of the elders who outlived Joshua.


Joshua Chapter 24 is a powerful reminder of God’s faithfulness, His protection, and His love for His people. Joshua’s words challenged the Israelites to recommit themselves to following the Lord wholeheartedly, setting up a witness stone at Shechem as a reminder of their covenant. As we listen to the NKJV audio Bible, we too can be encouraged by Joshua’s words and reminded of the importance of serving the Lord with all our heart, soul, and mind.

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