Chapter 2 of the Book of Malachi – Experience the Theatrical Audio Bible in New King James Version (NKJV)

Welcome to the immersive world of the Theatrical Audio Bible, where the ancient words of scripture come to life like never before. In this blog post, we dive deep into Chapter 2 of the Book of Malachi, as it is brought to you in the powerful and captivating New King James Version (NKJV). Prepare to be enraptured by the dynamic narration and compelling performances that will transport you straight into the heart of Malachi’s prophetic message. Discover a new dimension of spiritual engagement as you experience the transformative power of the Theatrical Audio Bible in NKJV. Are you ready to embark on this extraordinary literary journey? Let’s begin.


In this article, we will explore Chapter 2 of the Book of Malachi, which is an integral part of the Theatrical Audio Bible in the New King James Version (NKJV). This chapter is filled with messages from the Lord, highlighting the consequences of disobedience and the importance of upholding the covenant with Him. We will delve into the key themes and lessons conveyed through this chapter, ensuring the content is unique, creative, and written in a human-like style.

The Failure to Heed the Commandment: A Curse from the Lord

The chapter begins with a stern warning of the consequences that await those who fail to heed the commandments of the Lord. Failure to do so results in a curse from the Lord, which the people of Israel have brought upon themselves. The Lord expresses His displeasure at the corrupt behavior of the priests, who have shown contempt for His name and dishonored the Covenant with Levi.

Corruption and Dishonor of the Covenant with Levi

The Covenant with Levi, a sacred agreement between the Lord and the Levite priests, has been corrupted and dishonored. The priests, who were once entrusted with the task of instructing the people in matters of righteousness and maintaining the sanctity of worship, have strayed from their calling. They have shown partiality and turned aside from the law, leading the people astray.

Abominations and Profanity in Judah

Judah, one of the tribes of Israel, has also fallen into abominations and profaned the Lord’s institution. The people have engaged in idolatry, disregarding the exclusive worship of the Lord. They have intermarried with foreign nations, adopting their customs and practices, thus defiling the sacredness of their religious heritage.

The Rejected Offering and Treacherous Dealings with Spouses

The Lord declares that He no longer accepts the offerings brought to Him by the people. This is due to their treacherous dealings with their spouses, breaking the sanctity of marriage. They have divorced their wives, who were their partners in the covenant, and married foreign women. This betrayal is considered a grave offense in the eyes of the Lord.

Seeking Godly Offspring and Hating Divorce

God expresses His desire for godly offspring. He desires a righteous generation who will honor Him and walk in His ways. The Lord hates divorce, for it disrupts the unity and sanctity of marriage. He views divorce as an action that covers one’s garment with violence, highlighting its detrimental impact on families and society as a whole.

Weariness with Those Who Justify Evil and Question His Justice

The Lord expresses weariness with the people who justify evil and question His justice. Many have questioned why the Lord allows the wicked to go unpunished while the righteous suffer. The Lord reminds them that He is a just God who will ultimately bring about justice and retribution on His own terms. His ways are beyond human understanding, and it is not for us to question His divine plan.


Chapter 2 of the Book of Malachi provides us with valuable lessons and warnings about the consequences of disobedience and the importance of upholding the Covenant with the Lord. The Lord’s messages highlight the corrupt behavior of the priests, the profanity in Judah, and the significance of maintaining the sanctity of marriage. The chapter also emphasizes the Lord’s desire for godly offspring and His weariness with those who justify evil. It serves as a powerful reminder that we should never question the Lord’s justice but rather have faith in His ultimate plan. Through unique and creative storytelling, the Theatrical Audio Bible in the NKJV brings this chapter to life, enabling listeners to experience the profound teachings of Malachi.

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