Can you tell which sermon was written by AI and which sermon was written by a person?

Hey my name is Matt thanks for hanging Out with me on my YouTube channel here's What we're going to do in this video I Am going to take a passage of the Bible And write a little miniature sermon on That passage then I'm going to prompt an AI chat bot to do the exact same thing On the exact same passage and I'm going To read them both to you we're going to See if you can tell the difference the Passage we're going to be looking at is Matthew 11 sorry for the bump there two Through six it says when John heard in Prison what Christ was doing he sent his Disciples to ask him this is John the Baptist are you the one who is to come Or should we expect someone else Jesus Replied go back and report to John what You hear and see the blind receive site The lame walk those who have leprosy are Cured the deaf here the dead are raised And the good news is preached to the Poor blessed is the man who does not Fall away on account of me haven't Written this yet haven't generated the Text yet so I'm going to hit pause here Step away Go and write this thing in a way that Hopefully doesn't give away my Personality too much and we're going to Find out if you can tell the difference Okay be right back All right it's just been a minute for You it's been quite a few minutes for me

It was harder to write than I expected But I did it I wrote a little miniature Sermon on Matthew 11 2-6 I went to chat GPT and gave it a relatively simple Prompt I'll tell you specifically what That is when we're done and it gave me Material here as well and then I got Greedy I was like no I want one more AI Let's see what it does and it gave me Another one so I'm actually going to Read you three quick little sermons on This passage I'll put the passage on the Screen so you have that as a point of Reference you see if you can tell which Two are Ai and which one is me I'm gonna Do my best to read all of these in an Even Reasonable presentation tone that sounds Like a human all right let's see what we Get sermon number one In Matthew 11 2-6 we see the story of John the Baptist who's imprisoned and Begins to have doubts about Jesus he Sends his disciples to ask Jesus if he Is the one who's to come or if they Should expect someone else Jesus Responds by pointing to the signs he's Been performing Healing The Sick casting Out demons and preaching the Good News To the poor he tells John's disciples to Go back and report to John what they've Seen and heard that the blind sea that The lame walk the lepers are cleansed And the deaf hear the dead are raised up

And the poor have the gospel preached to Them what I find particularly striking In this passage is Jesus patience and Kindness toward John even in the face of His doubt rather than getting frustrated Or annoyed with John Jesus gently Reminds him of the evidence of his Ministry and the Fulfillment of Prophecy This is a powerful reminder for all of Us as we may also experience moments of Doubt or uncertainty in our faith it's Easy to get discouraged or feel like We're failing when things don't go as We'd hoped or expected but Jesus example Shows us that even when we struggle he's Patient and loving towards us always Ready to remind us of his presence and The truth of his word so let's follow Jesus example and be patient and loving Towards others who may have been Struggling with doubt and let us also Remember that it's okay to have the Questions and to seek answers because Faith is not about having all the Answers but about trusting in Jesus and Following him okay that's number one I randomized this in terms of the orders So don't read into the strategy here's Number two Dear friends today we're reflecting on The passage from Matthew 11 2-6 where we See John the Baptist a man of great Faith struggling with doubt he's Imprisoned and he hears of the works

That Jesus is doing and he begins to Wonder is Jesus truly the Messiah but Jesus doesn't become angry or frustrated With John's doubt instead he patiently Reminds John of all that he's done the Blind sea the lame walk the lepers are Cleansed and the death here Jesus Reminds John that these are the very Works that were prophesied of the Messiah as passage reminds us that it's Okay to struggle with doubt we're all Human and it's natural for us to Question and wonder but it's important To remember that Jesus is always with us And he's already done so much for us he Is the Messiah the one who came to save Us so when we find ourselves struggling With doubt let's turn to Jesus and Remember all that he's done for us let's Have faith in him and Trust in his love And care for us may we all find peace And strength in Jesus even in the midst Of our doubts amen Final sample It can be easy to see what's going on Around us clearly when things are easy In our lives but that Clarity can Quickly evaporate when we find ourselves Under intense pressure under duress Foundational beliefs we usually stand Firm upon can suddenly feel like Shifting sand it's a scary feeling but It's a disorientation we all go through At some point in our lives in Matthew

Chapter 11 one of the great Heroes of The faith finds himself in prison facing Death and struggling to make sense of Things that were once crystal clear to Him that man is John the Baptist the Cousin and Forerunner of Jesus the Messiah Herod had John arrested and While suffering in prison he began to Question whether Jesus was actually the One God had promised to be the savior of The world John sent his own followers to Ask Jesus for clarification Now at this point in his ministry Jesus Had taught with stunning Clarity and Authority calmed a storm healed the sick Restored sight to the blind raised a Person from the dead and much more In other words There was plenty of evidence to suggest That Jesus was indeed the Messiah yet Despite this Jesus still patiently Answered the question posed to him about His identity he did so by referencing The words of Isaiah the great prophet of Old who predicted that the Messiah would Give sight to the blind make the lame to Walk cure those with Leprosy make the Deaf to hear Raise the dead and preach The good news to the poor Closes by speaking a blessing for those Who would overcome their biases and Unbelief and instead hear and see all That Jesus was saying and doing and Accept that he is the messiah

What Jesus is clearly and yet not Absolutely explicitly communicating is That he is indeed the promised Messiah And in doing so Jesus spelled out the Truth about himself to the crowd while Gently encouraging his suffering cousin That he was indeed suffering for the one Who was promised Mike John you and I will experience Moments of clarity and moments of Disorientation and even doubt but in the Same way Jesus patiently points John to Reminders of his great power and Justice And love so Jesus also responds to us in Our weakness and sincere searching Did you get it All right you heard three I'm giving you A second to think about it I don't want To rush you that is a lot to take in Probably noticed some commonalities I Think that's a function of just the raw Material of the text Maybe you noticed more personality in One than the others maybe not the points All seemed like they overlapped and Generally ran with the same themes in The text okay I'm stalling straight up I'm stalling to buy you time Final Answer what'd you come up with Well I will tell you this the first one I read Was AI that was chat GPT The second one I read Was also AI that was chat GPT and you're

Smart you know how the process of Elimination works the third one was me Now here's what I noticed between the Three First of all I was Stunned maybe even a little bit troubled By really how good both of the AI mini Sermons were I don't know If that goodness would hold if I asked The AI to flesh it out But I mean honestly I think those are Pretty good points to take away from it And again I can only ask you to believe Me I mean some of you're going to watch This and be like nah you totally rigged It this is all fake I I don't know I Didn't but it's the internet make of it Whatever you will I wrote my thing first so I finished Recording I did not get up from this Desk what I'm sitting at here at my Buddy's house I used this Bible the one I use for my daily Bible podcast and I Just went through it and and worked out The little thing that I just read to you Yeah like I said it wasn't really easy To do that and I did have to take a Couple of runs at it just to find a tone That felt neutral and not just glaringly Like me I I do talk about the Bible a Lot and I suppose like anybody over time You develop your own Cadence and Rhythm And style and everything so I did try to Write with that Stripped Away I picked

This passage for a reason and and I Wanted to write in a way that would at Least kind of do it justice while still Also honoring the exercise Christians Believe that God's word the Bible Doesn't return void can't return void And I wonder if that applies to AI What happens if you ask some computers Or write a sermon for you And you ask it to do it based on a text I mean the AI immediately recognized the Text in both situations I mean there was I didn't have to do anything it was Incredibly easy maybe I'll show you some Of the screen recording that I did here Right now down in the corner or Something so you can see it for yourself But it was a simple little prompt and Then it went I will tell you this one of Those two prompts I didn't say anything About Uh Doubt and faith and things like that but They both touched on that point without Any difficulty oh yeah here's the prompt For the second one write a short sermon On Matthew 11 2-6 focusing on John's Doubt and Jesus patience with that doubt And that one does lean into it a lot More I mean it really hit it in that Closing line uh well the second last Paragraph This is a powerful reminder For all of us as we may also experience Moments of Doubt or uncertainty in our

Faith it's easy to get discouraged or Feel like we're failing when things Don't go as we'd hoped or expected but Jesus example shows us that even when we Struggle he's patient loving toward us Always ready to remind us of his Presence and the truth of his word Sounds a lot like what I wrote before I Entered this prompt like there's there's Nothing going there's no point of Connection with chat GPT I didn't even Have it loaded up when I was writing my Thing So I don't know what do you make of that I'd really like to know what you make of That if you're a person of Christian Faith you look at that and just be like Well it's just I mean the word of the Lord it can't return void it's it's true And it's powerful and it transcends ones And zeros or as some people told me After my last video about AI art is this Like basically the equivalent of playing With a Ouija board and I'm messing with Stuff I shouldn't be messing with here Also I'd love to know what did you think Of the AI sermons how would you rank These oh yeah I want to know that rank Them and I will not be offended if you Think mine was the worst seriously like Trash it it's totally fine I I think the Meaning of the text came through and and What the text means came through well

Enough that I I don't need to preserve My feelings or anything again I tried to Give you a really stripped down version Of that uh as well so I won't even feel Bad if you dog on it I'll just be like I Could do better than that if I wanted to Anyway but I think it's an interesting Exercise something I'm going to play Around with more again really curious About this intersection of the spot Between faith and the Bible and this AI Stuff that is becoming a thing whether You want it to or not so I'll keep thinking more questions and We'll do more stuff like this thanks for Indulging me and let me just kind of Share my experience here and my flow of Thought I'm really excited to hear what You make of this and whether you got it Right and how you would rank these Um in terms of quality and Effectiveness All right uh thanks for hanging out with Me we'll do something like this again Soon

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