Can You Guess What All the Lines In This Logo Mean?

So what is the new church logo mean that Is different than the old church logo Okay so you've got the circle which is God's Eternal Kingdom you've got the Path of Life Psalm 16. the kingdom is Life when we are in God's kingdom that's How we experience life at its fullness The Abundant Life that Jesus talks about And that life comes through Christ Cairo And his cross That's a great logo It is I love it I love it and then That's our our vision statement to be a People fully Alive in God's kingdom what Is so much of what makes us not alive It's it's the anxiety of the moment so The first thing I'm greeted with when I Come in is the reminder that Christ is Risen and I feel like I'm a lot more Equipped to think about the fullness of Those implications because of what you Did here and yeah yeah it's beautiful

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