Bible Verse of the Day – March 8, 2023

Verse of the day March 8 2023 Give thanks to the Lord for he is good His love endures forever Psalm 107 verse 1. Thoughts on today's verse What do we have that won't wear out Break die go out of style or ever need Repair We can rejoice and give thanks because Our life and future are tied to the Eternal Father the creator of the Heavens and maker of our world Not only is God good but he is also good To us But more than just being good he is Loving and his love will not wear out Grow old fade away or need repair Thank you the great Almighty you have Given me your grace showered me with Your blessings and promise that your Love for me will live beyond the Shadows Of my few days on Earth Thank you forever In the name of Jesus my Lord Amen [Music]

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