Bible Verse of the Day – March 6, 2023

Verse of the day March 6 2023 Anyone who receives instruction in the Word must share all good things with his Instructor Galatians 6 verse 6. Thoughts on today's verse Yes some so-called church leaders take Advantage of God's flock and misuse God's money Church leaders who abuse God's people Are tragic and shameful Many of God's genuine servants minister With few economic resources or financial Support While God never promised Ministers of The word economic wealth he does remind Us that our care for them is very Important Let's use this week to support those who Share God's word with us let's remember That sharing All Good Things means much More than money Let's keep our missionaries ministers And teachers in our prayers Let's commit to sending them regular Notes of specific encouragement so their Ministry blesses others the Lord Themselves and us Prayer Holy God you sent the Living Word so I Could know you Thank you for those who have shared your Word with me

I ask you to bless the Bible teachers The Ministers of the word and the pastor Teachers who have shared your truth and Grace with me protect them from Discouragement and sin Strengthen their will Bless their families Fill them with your spirit and Power And dear father please use me to help Them know how precious they are to you And to me in Jesus name I pray amen Foreign

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