Bible Verse of the Day – March 4, 2023

Verse of the day March 4 2023 The Holy Spirit descended on him in Bodily form like a dove And a voice Came From Heaven you are my Son whom I love with you I am well Pleased Luke 3 verse 22 Thoughts on today's verse God spoke these wonderful words to his Son when Jesus was baptized God feels the same about us when we Follow our savior's example and are Baptized too Jesus pours out his Spirit on us Guaranteeing that we are God's children No matter what Satan may do to make us Doubt it we can confidently know that we Are God's beloved children with whom he Is well pleased because of the spirit we Can call God our Abba Father knowing That the spirit intercedes for us making Even our inexpressible thoughts known to Our father Prayer at the father I thank you for Making me your child and making me an Heir of your gracious inheritance Please give me confidence to withstand The lies of Satan who tries to make me Doubt my relationship with you Thank you for your spirit who helps even Now by interceding for me as I pray in Jesus name amen [Music]

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