Bible Verse of the Day – March 29, 2023

Verse of the day March 29 2023 Be diligent in these matters give Yourself holy to them so that everyone May see your progress Watch your life and Doctrine closely Persevere in them because if you do you Will save both yourself and your hearers First Timothy 4 verses 15 to 16. Thoughts on today's verse Diligent That's not a phrase you hear much about These days We want things to come easily Sweat in the world of pseudo faith is Frowned upon But Paul wanted Timothy and us to know That maturity in Christ requires genuine Effort Having a Redemptive influence on others Is hard work while it is God's power That transforms our effort is also Required God gives us the assurance that this Effort will not only bear fruit in our Own lives but it will also lead others To Salvation as well Prayer Abba Father please stir my confidence Courage diligence and determination so That the salvation you have blessed me With can be shared with others because Of my life my teaching and my example In Jesus name I pray

Amen Foreign [Music]

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