Bible Verse of the Day – March 20, 2023

Verse of the day March 20 2023 Salvation is found in no one else for There is no other name under Heaven Given to Men by which we must be saved Acts 4 verse 12. Thoughts on today's verse While many substitute Messiahs have been Offered only the true Messiah saves While we often live for many lords only One Lord liberates and sets us free from Sin and death While many ways are claimed to bring us Close to God Jesus insists that he is The only way So we're driven to one Ultimate Reality Do we believe salvation is in Jesus Alone or do we not It's our choice But what we decide about Jesus is really Deciding about everything Is Jesus your lord Is Jesus the name above all names in Your life Is Jesus your savior if not please Reconsider for the Bible says salvation Is found in no one else Prayer Thank you almighty God for sharing your Grace with me in Jesus May I never take the precious name of Jesus in vain May Jesus himself come and reign as Lord In my heart and in my life

May Jesus be seen in the way I treat Others May Jesus know that there is no other Rival for my allegiance to him I pray in the precious name of Jesus Your son and my savior Amen Foreign

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