Bible Verse of the Day – March 10, 2023

Verse of the day March 10 2023 Learn to do right Seek Justice encourage the oppressed Isaiah 1 verse 17. Thoughts on today's verse We find it easy to be incensed when Wrong is done to a friend We are ready to fight Injustice when Someone we love has been wronged however God reminds us that our worship means Little if we do not also protect those Who are weak marginalized oppressed and Forgotten It's not just our friends who need our Help it's also those who have no friends Who need us To do right doesn't just mean being a Good person and avoiding evil in our Sanctified little enclaves it also means Caring comforting and encouraging those No one else wants to notice Prayer Forgive me dear father for being selfish With your love and grace I confess that I often find it easy to Stay near those who are like me who look Like me think like me and dress like me I know that many in the world around me Do not have a friend much less a Defender open my eyes dear Lord to see Those in my world that you would have me Protect encourage and bless In Jesus name I pray

Amen [Music]

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