Bible Verse of the Day – July 9, 2023

Verse of the day July 9 2023 Look to the Lord and his strength seek His face always Psalm 105 verse 4. Thoughts on today's verse When we sincerely reflect on how we Allocate our time the manner in which we Utilize our finances the subjects that Occupy our thoughts most frequently and The areas where we invest our utmost Energy what Revelations come to light Is God our consuming passion Is he our first love Do we actively pursue his presence at All times God told his people seek me and live Jesus stepbrother James challenged us to Come near to God and he will come near To you Yes let's hear the call of David the man After God's heart when he says look to The Lord in his strength seek his face Always Prayer Dear almighty God it is hard not to be Able to see your face physically yet I Know my imperfection makes that Impossible in light of your awesome Holiness and Majesty Until the awaited moment when I shall Have the privilege of seeing you Directly I humbly request that you Manifest your presence in my life as I

Wholeheartedly Seek You In the name of Jesus I offer this prayer Amen [Music] Thank you

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