Bible Verse of the Day – July 8, 2023

Verse of the day July 8 2023 But he said I must preach the good news Of the kingdom of God to the other towns Also because that is why I was sent Luke 4 verse 43. Thoughts on today's verse when Reflecting upon large cities of our Modern world what thoughts come to mind Is it the presence of crime congested Roads exorbitant costs large crowds Grime and Noise Jesus sees them and passionately yearns For the lost people in those great Cities to be saved In case we miss Jesus emphasis Luke Composed the book of Acts showcasing how The message of Jesus resounded from Jerusalem to Antioch in Syria Ephesus And Rome When we hear those horrible reports of Crime and problems in major cities let Us offer prayers for the well-being of Those who lives there and if we happen To live in such cities let us take a Moment to pray for the Salvation of the People in our community whenever we hear The sirens of police ambulances fire Trucks or other emergency vehicles Prayer Oh Almighty and compassionate God awaken Within us your church a fervent desire To share the message of Salvation and The boundless mercy of your son with

Those who are lost in the vast cities of The world May our hearts be set Ablaze with a Renewed enthusiasm for reaching out to Them I humbly offer this prayer in the Name of our unwavering and benevolent Lord and Savior Jesus Amen Foreign

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