Bible Verse of the Day – July 10, 2023

Verse of the day July 10 2023 Woe to the worthless Shepherd who Deserts the flock May the sword strike His arm and his right eye May his arm be completely withered his Right eye totally blinded Zechariah 11 verse 17. Thoughts on today's verse In his prophecy Zechariah denounced the Inept Shepherds of Israel Likewise Paul caution Church Shepherds About the immense and solemn Responsibility of leading the church Emphasizing the need for humble Reverence Those who aspire to be church leaders For personal gain or Prestige should be Aware that Jesus the Good Shepherd will Deal with them harshly when he comes in His glory Anyone who have mistreated God's people Or exploited their entrusted role to Shepherd God's flock will face severe Consequences However those who have Faithfully Followed Jesus example as a Shepherd can Expect abundant rewards prayer Loving Shepherd we humbly request your Favor upon your church bestowing it with Capable Shepherds who possess a deep Love for you and wholeheartedly tend to Your flock Grant these devoted leaders a profound

Awareness of your presence assistance And Delight as they Faithfully fulfill Their duties towards you and your sheep I offer this prayer in the name of Jesus Your lamb that was slain for our sins Amen Foreign [Music]

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