Bible Verse of the Day – January 6, 2023

Verse of the day January 6 2023 Have I not commanded you be strong and Courageous do not be terrified do not be Discouraged for the Lord your God will Be with you wherever you go Joshua 1 verse 9 Thoughts on today's verse this command And promise to Joshua is also for us as We embrace the upcoming year we have no Idea what lies ahead we only know that God will go with us if we will ask him On our journey and seek to follow his Will So this verse is not just a promise to Cherish I will go with you Is also a command Be strong courageous and do not be Terrified or discouraged We Embrace this upcoming year as an Opportunity to serve God and not as Something to fear Prayer Holy and Almighty father thank you for Being with me as I begin this new year Please Empower me with your spirit to Greet it with passion and excitement for The opportunities ahead Please forgive me when my own Inadequacies and the unknown ahead of me Make me fearful and indecisive Give me courage to live boldly for you This year in Jesus name I pray amen [Music]

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