Bible Verse of the Day – January 27, 2023

Verse of the day January 27 2023 Peter and John replied judge for Yourselves whether it is right in God's Sight to obey you rather than God For we cannot help speaking about what We have seen and heard Acts 4 verses 19 to 20. thoughts on Today's verse We can't contain what we've experienced In Jesus we can't help but tell about What we've heard No ruler no threat has been able to Completely stop the voice of God from Being heard through his people's Witness Sharing our faith happens out of the Overflow of our experiences in Christ And our relationship with Christ When we share our faith in this way the Authenticity of our witness can be Rejected or ridiculed but it can't be Erased we have experienced God's work in Our lives How dare we keep silent we can't Prayer God of the Nations please give your Missionaries and ministers words of Truth and power especially as they face Ridicule and hostility Please help me better know how to reach The Lost around me and please bless our Evangelistic leaders as they try to Strategize and discern your way of Reaching the lost in our world today

In the name of Jesus the atoning Sacrifice for my sins and the sins of The whole world I pray Amen [Music]

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