Bible Verse of the Day – January 25, 2023

Verse of the day January 25th 2023 When you are brought before synagogues Rulers and authorities do not worry About how you will defend yourselves or What you will say for the holy spirit Will teach you at that time what you Should say Luke 12 verses 11 to 12. Thoughts on today's verse When we need help most Jesus promises he Will be there and will send his Spirit To give us the words we need Throughout the centuries This Promise Has sustained those facing persecution And ridicule It helped them realize that they were Not alone and that they didn't need to Worry about having the perfect answer to Everything going in to face a hostile Audience This same promise sustains Christians Today whether they are undergovernmental Persecution or facing the hostility of Unbelievers in the workplace at school Or at home When facing our enemies we know we are Not alone Our Savior goes with us Prayer Loving God I need your strength and the Holy spirit's help as I speak with those Who are opposed to your message of Salvation I want your words not mine to be what Others hear in that crucial moment of

Confrontation please give me wisdom to No one to speak what to say and when to Remain silent In Jesus name I pray Amen Thank you

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