Bible Verse of the Day – January 21, 2023

Verse of the day January 21st 2023 In God whose word I Praise In God I Trust I will not be afraid what can Mortal man do to me Psalm 56 verse 4. thoughts on today's Verse when all is said and done there Really isn't a whole lot we can trust Most of us have been hurt at one time or Another by a friend who has betrayed our Trust The world economy is volatile and things Can turn sour in just a few days The weather shifts and changes by the Hour But in our world of change in our Heartbreak and disappointment there is One constant we can trust God we don't Have to fear change He is our anchor that holds in the Strongest storms He is our strength in our worst battles His word and his promises speak of good Things for us We don't have to be afraid we can trust In him Prayer Almighty father my deliverer and Strength with your help and presence I Will not fear the days ahead I praise you for sustaining your People Israel through history I praise you for preserving your word The scriptures through persecutions and

Purges I praise you and will not be Afraid because my life and my future are In your hands In the name of Jesus my Lord I pray Amen

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