Bible Verse of the Day – January 16, 2023

Verse of the day January 16 2023 Be devoted to one another in brotherly Love Honor one another above yourselves Romans 12 verse 10. Thoughts on today's verse we are to be Devoted to one another We are to honor one another And the basis of this loving devotion And honor is found in one Central truth Because God is our father We Are One Family We are siblings in God's Kingdom Our relationship is eternal and built on God's grace to us and our Grace Expressed to each other Prayer Shepherd of my soul thank you for making Me part of your family Thank you for the wonderful Brothers and Sisters in Christ who have blessed my Life over the years Thank you for their support and Encouragement Please use me to bless others in your Family as these precious people have Blessed and honored me In the name of Jesus your son and my Older brother I pray Amen [Music]

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