Bible Verse of the Day – January 11, 2023

Verse of the day January 11 2023 O Israel put your hope in the Lord For What the Lord is unfailing love and with Him is full Redemption Psalm 130 verse 7. Thoughts on today's verse what do we Have here that is unfailing and Inexhaustible Nothing except God's unfailing love even When we disappoint hurt offend or rebel Against him he still loves us While we were Sinners He sent Jesus to Redeem us from sin and death Why trust anything or anyone else with Our future Let's lean on God's unfailing love Prayer Abba Father loving God I place my hopes Dreams and future in your hands I trust That you are at work for my eternal good I believe that you alone offer freedom From all that enslaves me thank you for Your forgiveness of my sins and your Promise of life forever with you But most of all dear father thank you For your unfailing love In Jesus name I pray Amen [Music]

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