Bible Verse of the Day – February 6, 2023

Verse of the day February 6 2023 God looks down from heaven on the sons Of men to see if there are any who Understand any who seek God Psalm 53 verse 2. Thoughts on today's verse Are you a god Seeker through much of History especially when things are going Well or in times of great wickedness God Has not found many who seek after him But he's looking He's searching It matters to him Just as God walked with Adam and Eve in The cool of the day before sin destroyed Their relationship God longs to walk With us But he's looking for those whose hearts Are yearning for his presence in their Lives So let's yearn Prayer Searching father almighty King my heart Yearns to know you and to be known by You I look forward to the day that I see You face to face Until that day please show your presence In my life and do your will in my Character May others see my life and know that I Am your child and that I live to exalt Your holy name In Jesus name I pray

Amen [Music]

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