Bible Verse of the Day – February 5, 2023

Verse of the day February 5th 2023 Every good and perfect gift is from Above coming down from the father of the Heavenly lights who does not change like Shifting Shadows James 1 verse 17. thoughts on today's Verse He doesn't waver Isn't that comforting God is consistent And in his consistency he gives good Gifts he created the world in all its Majesty and gave it to us to use When sin strangled life God gave us the Promise and executed it through Abraham And the Israelites When Death claimed us he gave us Jesus Crucified and resurrected to give us the Assurance of our victory over sin and Death There is no shadow in that brilliant Light and we are assured that light will Keep on Shining Prayer Gracious and generous God almighty thank You for consistently giving me your Grace your gifts your love and your Promises I have no one I have nothing that Compares to you thank you for all your Many gifts in Jesus name Amen

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