Bible Verse of the Day – February 17, 2023

Verse of the day February 17 2023 Love must be sincere hate what is evil Cling to what is good Romans 12 verse 9. Thoughts on today's verse Genuine love involves hate Genuine love means that we hate evil We detest it creeping into our hearts And ruining our relationships We abort its effects on those we love We are repelled by the Eternal Destruction it causes in those whose Lives are tender weak or wavering So the best thing we can do for those we Love is to cling to what is good and Stay far away from Evil and wickedness Prayer Loving father may my life be a source of Goodness and joy for my family and Friends Please give me the wisdom to see what is Good and the courage to pursue it Passionately please protect me from the Evil one and forgive me when I have Followed his Temptations Please protect those I love from the Fallout of my own selfish and sinful Decisions Please purify and cleanse me so my life May be lived holy and holy to you In the name of your holy son Jesus amen [Music]

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