Bible Verse of the Day – February 16, 2023

Verse of the day February 16 2023 Submit to one another out of reverence For Christ Ephesians 5 21. Thoughts on today's verse Worship On Sunday can be inspiring and Uplifting Worship in everyday life can be Exhilarating Worship in our relationships can be Transformational yet genuine worship Always requires that we give up our ways Our wills and our wants we must choose To learn to live for others If we truly live with Christ Jesus as Our Lord we will live as he did We will submit to others to serve them For their good and to meet their needs Sometimes that means being tender Other times that means being tough and It always means living to God's glory Prayer Oh Lord God Almighty I find it hard to Submit myself and my desires to anyone Else I find it all too easy to see things Only from my point of view I catch myself looking out for my Interests and not the welfare of others Please fill me with your spirit more Mightily so that my life displays your Love joy peace patience kindness Goodness gentleness faithfulness and

Self-control In Jesus name I ask for your Divine help So that my life displays more of Jesus Character Amen Foreign

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