Bible Verse of the Day – February 15, 2023

Verse of the day February 15 2023 Instead speaking the truth in love we Will in all things grow up into him who Is the head that is Christ Ephesians 4 verse 15. Thoughts on today's verse Truthful words are accurate Words spoken in love can be a blessing But truth spoken in love is Redemptive This kind of speech blesses those who Hear it and matures those who speak it While speaking the truth in love is Often not easy it's worth it Look at God and see how painful it was To speak his word in Love by sending Jesus But in the process of that one Sacrificial word he has saved us and Revealed his heart of grace mercy and Love Prayer Holy God May the words I speak be Truthful and loving please forgive me When I have told the painful truth to Win arguments to hurt feelings or to Impress others Please forgive me for the times I Exaggerated distorted or lied I want my words to be simple and tender Truthful and loving I want others to see your grace in the Way I speak to them In the name of my savior Jesus I pray Amen


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