Bible Verse of the Day – February 12, 2023

Verse of the day February 12 2023 Do not let any unwholesome talk come out Of your mouths but only what is helpful For building others up according to Their needs that it may benefit those Who listen Ephesians 4 verse 29. Thoughts on today's verse We can use our words to be cute we can Use our words to appear impressive We can use our words to win arguments we Can use our words to defend ourselves We can use our words to lie and distort We can use our words to do many things But God wants us to use our words to Bless So when we speak if our words do not Bless and benefit those to whom we Direct them then we are to simply not Say anything grandma was right If you can't say something nice then Don't say anything at all Prayer Give me wisdom today dear God to speak Words that bless my family my co-workers And those I meet I want to be truthful loving kind and Merciful when I open my mouth and speak May the words of my mouth be used in Your service and to your glory today Dear Lord In Jesus name I pray Amen

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