Bible Verse of the Day – February 11, 2023

Verse of the day February 11 2023 What a Wretched Man I am who will rescue Me from this body of death Thanks be to God through Jesus Christ Our Lord Romans 7 verses 24 to 25. Thoughts on today's verse While marred by sin and death human Beings are still created in God's image And fashion in our mother's womb by his Sovereign care But we bump up against the hard reality Of our weakness and failure We cannot be like God in his most Defining attribute holiness We sin We Rebel We fail We do what we know we should not do We neglect the important matters of God's Will and nitpick at nothing With our words we hurt and injure those We love Who can save us from these bitter and Limiting realities that we find in Ourselves Praise and hallelujahs go to Jesus when We trust him as our Messiah and Lord Since he can then save us from these Evils and make us ready to live a life Of blessing to others and to God Prayer Worthy of praise and honor are you God

Most high You are Mighty holy and Beyond Compare You have chosen to be loving generous Merciful forgiving and tender with us Your children thank you for being God Just the way you have chosen to be God In Jesus name I pray amen [Music]

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