Bible Verse of the Day – February 10, 2023

Verse of the day February 10 2023 I urge you Brothers by our Lord Jesus Christ and by the love of the spirit to Join me in my struggle by praying to God For me Romans 15 verse 30. thoughts on today's Verse God's people and God's Ministries are Constantly under attack Satan does not sit idly by while his Kingdom is plundered but those on the Front lines of ministry do not need to Fight alone We can help them We can join the struggle by praying to God for them They truly need our prayers for Protection for power and for wisdom More than money more than pats on the Back more than notoriety or success God's servants and God's work needs our Prayerful support Prayer Almighty and Sovereign God please bless And protect and Empower these servants Who are on my heart today Lord please bless the Ministries Ministers and missionaries of your Church and please dear God deliver your Children who are under oppression and Persecution for the name of Jesus To You O God belongs all power and honor And Glory

In the name of my conquering King your Lamb who was slain I pray amen [Music]

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