Bible Verse of the Day – December 30, 2022

Verse of the day December 30th 2022 Simeon took him in his arms and praised God saying Sovereign Lord as you have Promised you now dismiss your servant in Peace For my eyes have seen your salvation Which you have prepared in the sight of All people a light for Revelation to the Gentiles and for Glory to your People Israel Luke 2 verses 28 to 32 Thoughts on today's verse God's gift to Simeon was truly precious And touching Yet Simeon is just the embodiment of all Of every nation race and culture who are Seeking God's salvation God's salvation as Luke loves to remind Us again and again is for all people What's more God's light has dawned let's Greet that Dawn and share it with others Prayer Lord God of all Nations not only do I Pray for peace on our Earth but I pray That the knowledge of Jesus may be Spread to Every Nation this coming year Please make me more sensitive to those Around me who need your grace Give me courage and the right words to Say to open their eyes to your salvation Stir me to be generous with those who Are spreading your gospel throughout the World

Bind the work of Satan prevent the evil One from keeping whole nations in Darkness Please use me to help make a way for Grace to bring your salvation to their Darkness Make your kingdom Triumph through the Triumph of your grace throughout the World in Jesus name I pray Amen [Music]

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