Bible Verse of the Day – December 28, 2022

Verse of the day December 28 2022 Today in the town of David as Savior has Been born to you he is Christ the Lord This will be assigned to you you will Find a baby wrapped in cloths and lying In a Manger Suddenly a great company of the heavenly Host appeared with the angel praising God and saying glory to God in the Highest and on Earth peace to Men on Whom his favor rests Luke 2 verses 11 to 14. Thoughts on today's verse The sign to the Shepherds was a baby in A feed trough Pretty potent sign isn't it The almighty creator of the universe Sleeping where the sheep and goats have Eaten their grain and hay that God would Love us so much as to reduce himself to Such an inauspicious beginning reminds Us why the Angels praise him so He is glorious and yet he chose not to Hide or protect That Glory but instead He shared it so we could find it too Prayer God of the manger and ruler of the Constellations I join my heart and my Voice with the angels in praise to your Glorious and holy name Your sacrifice is so profound I am Awestruck You could have chosen any sign to show

Jesus to the Shepherds but you chose the Manger Thank you for revealing yourself in such A common place so I could find your sign And come home to you I pray in Jesus Name with all my love Amen [Music]

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