Bible Verse of the Day – December 26, 2022

Verse of the day December 26 2022 And there were shepherds living out in The fields nearby keeping watch over Their flocks at night an angel of the Lord appeared to them and the glory of The Lord Shone around them and they were Terrified but the angel said to them do Not be afraid I bring you good news of Great joy that will be for all the People today in the town of David a Savior has been born to you he is Christ The lord Luke 2 verses 8 to 11. Thoughts on today's verse Shepherds and the glory of the Lord in The same sentence Shepherds enjoyed a great heritage in Israel with Abraham Moses and David as Notable Shepherds and God being Identified through Psalm 23 as a great Shepherd But by this time in Israelite history They were not highly regarded they Smelled like sheep they spent their time With sheep They were not really clean and religious Enough to be considered spiritual So when God chose to announce the birth Of Jesus to Shepherds with his Contingent of angels He makes his point Clear everyone is loved by God everyone Has access to God and everyone is Desired by God

Prayer Holy and almighty God I confess to you That sometimes the outward appearance And reputation of a person colors the Way I treat them but today I'm convicted Of how much you want everyone to know About your grace in Jesus Give me a heart to love all people and Passion to share your grace with them In the name of Jesus I pray this amen [Music]

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