Bible Verse of the Day – December 23, 2022

Verse of the day December 23 2022 You my child will be called a prophet of The most high for you will go on before The Lord to prepare the way for him to Give his people the knowledge of Salvation through the Forgiveness of Their sins because of the tender mercy Of our God Luke 1 verses 76 to 78 Thoughts on today's verse where does Salvation come from Does it come from our sense that Something is desperately wrong and we Need to change and make it better Does it come from casting things in a More positive light so we don't become Discouraged and quit Does it come from a lucky break Does it come because we are scrupulously Righteous and deserve it come our way Does it come from rigorously obeying Everything in the law No Salvation and forgiveness come from One Source the tender mercy of our God Prayer I confess father that at times I've Tried to earn my salvation At other times I have taken it for Granted and trampled on your mercy and Grace Today Father I want to live for you not To be saved regain salvation but to Please you and reflect your character

And nature Your mercy and Grace have redeemed me From the worthless way of living that I See so many trapped in all about me Thank you for your salvation but please Help me to live in a way that shows the Joy of that salvation in all I say think And do in Jesus name I pray amen Foreign

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