Bible Verse of the Day – December 16, 2022

Verse of the day December 16 2022 When the time had fully come God sent His son born of a woman born under law That we might receive the full rights of Sons Galatians 4 verses 4 to 5. thoughts on Today's verse God waited till history Reached his appointed time and sent Jesus just the right time Roman rule Jewish subordination good roads Freedom A degree of safety a common trading Language cruel and barbaric punishment Accompanied by religious infighting In times such as these he sent his son To be a woman's son He emptied his home so he could send a Redeemer to our home he did it so we Could be his children not pretend Children but real children with full Rights so he could not only be God but So he could be Abba Prayer Abba Father even your name is precious To me I gasp at how much it cost you to let me Call you ABBA I don't understand such extravagant love But I thank you for it I know I don't Deserve to call you ABBA but it sounds So right something inside resonates at The sound of ABBA holy righteous Almighty Abba While I know that I will never be a

Perfect child I rest today in the Confidence that I am your child and you Claim me Thank you in Jesus name Amen [Music]

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