Bible Verse of the Day – April 9, 2023

Verse of the day April 9 2023 Restore us o God Almighty make your face Shine upon us that we may be saved Psalm 80 verse 7. Thoughts on today's verse this passage Makes me want to cry out to God please Restore us God Restore us your people o God for we have Lost their sense of wonder Restore our old withered Hearts to their Innocence Restore Our Lives to their unsoiled Perfection and intention Restore us to yourself o God almighty While not every Christian has lost his Or her sense of wonder and while not Every one of us has an old withered Heart we all need God's presence to Shine upon us renew us and save us Prayer Oh God the maker of new things sometimes I feel so old and worn my soul is weary From the fight I need your presence and strength to Restore me Please restore me to your side and make Your grace alive in me Please restore me to your love and share It with others through me please restore Me to your righteousness so others can See your character in me please restore Me and not just me please restore all Those who call on your mighty name

We want the world to see you in us and Come to know your Saving Grace In Jesus name I pray amen Foreign [Music]

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