Bible Verse of the Day – April 7, 2023

Verse of the day April 7 2023 Lift up your eyes to the heavens look at The Earth beneath the heavens will Vanish like smoke the Earth will wear Out like a garment and its inhabitants Die like flies But my salvation will last forever my Righteousness will never fail Isaiah 51 verse 6. Thoughts on today's verse I don't know about you but sometimes the Bible is so brutally honest it hurts We assume that the cosmos and our little Blue planet have existed for a long time We sometimes assume that it will be here A long time more But God reminds us that it is temporary We are even more temporary just like Flies we're here for a short while and Then we're gone but not gone gone Christians are just gone from the Temporary existence of Earth because our Lives are caught up with Christ in God's Salvation which lasts forever God's righteousness will never end or Fail Our Salvation will last beyond every Tomorrow Prayer O righteous father who hears my prayers And strengthens me for the journey thank You for the assurance that what I have As a Christian with you goes beyond the

Boundaries of death the limitations of My humanity and the vulnerabilities of My weaknesses thank you that I am tied To you and your salvation and that Because of Jesus you see me as your Righteous and holy child In Jesus name I pray amen Foreign Foreign

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