Bible Verse of the Day – April 6, 2023

Verse of the day April 6 2023 Hear my prayer oh Lord listen to My Cry For mercy in the day of my trouble I Will call to you for you will answer me Psalm 86 verses 6 to 7. Thoughts on today's verse Sometimes there are no immediate answers We have prayed cried tried gone Sleepless and mourned and shouted Still we can find no answers The days Roll by in an agonizing parade Of Pain Still we cannot discern God's voice What do we do We go to the Psalms we let them raise Our hearts agonizing cries We are honest with the god of the Universe and anticipate Mercy from him We choose to believe that even in our Most challenging troubles he will not Only hear us but he will also care about What is happening in our lives Prayer Almighty God the only true healer of Disease in Mentor of broken hearts Please hear the cry today of those I Love who are in such desperate Situations May your will be done in their lives With tenderness and Grace Please help them experience your abiding Presence Lord please be near me so I can help

Them see your answer to their prayers Forever yours in the name of Jesus Amen Foreign

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