Bible Verse of the Day – April 5, 2023

Verse of the day April 5th 2023 God has made this Jesus whom you Crucified both Lord and Christ 2 verse 36. Thoughts on today's verse More than titles these two names of Jesus are the pillars around which we Can build our lives in God's Kingdom Jesus is Lord He is our ruler and King He is our master and teacher Our hearts are yielded to his will and Open to his leading we hold no rival to Jesus in our hearts and lives Jesus is the Christ He is the Messiah the promised savior of The Old Testament He is the one of whom the prophet spoke Jesus is ruler and savior master and Messiah He is God's gift to bring us home Is the one who went to the Cross to Bring us forgiveness Redemption and Salvation Jesus the crucified one is both Lord and Christ Prayer we praise your mighty name O Lord And thank you for your gracious and Sacrificial love We praise you dear father for sending Your son Jesus to die for our sins be Raised to give us hope and bring us Salvation

Please help me Sovereign God to yield my Heart to Jesus and open my lips to Praise the Lord of my salvation I pray in the mighty name of Jesus and Through the intercession of the spirit Amen Foreign

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