Bible Verse of the Day – April 3, 2023

Verse of the day April 3rd 2023 The Lord will keep you from all harm he Will watch over your life the Lord will Watch over your coming and going both Now and forevermore Psalm 121 verses 7 to 8. Thoughts on today's verse One of the most complex challenges as a Parent is knowing that you can't Ultimately protect your children from Some hurts and heartbreaks Some of that pain is necessary to help Them mature and grow Some of it is just the agonizing result Of living in a fallen world However we can be fully confident that If we share the Lord with them and they Give their lives to his will nothing can Steal them from his ultimate Victory Care and reunion with him and with us Knowing how we love them imagine how Much the father loves us and longs to Bring us to that place of safety in his House Until we get home isn't it comforting to Know that he is watching over us and Those we love now and forever Prayer Oh Father I know you see and watch over Me but sometimes I miss seeing you and Find it hard to wait to be comforted and Blessed in your presence and my eternal Home

Watching and waiting father I look Forward to our first face-to-face Meeting Until then I recognize your watch and Care over all of my ways and thank you Now for everything I will one day Receive In Jesus name amen Foreign [Music]

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