Bible Verse of the Day – April 2, 2023

Verse of the day April 2nd 2023 For by all things were created things in Heaven and on Earth visible and Invisible whether Thrones or powers or Rulers or authorities all things were Created by Him and for him Colossians 1 verse 16. Thoughts on today's verse Jesus is Lord This means everything in all creation Ranks below Jesus in authority and Power Every angel demon and spirit is Subservient to Jesus Their purpose and the purpose of all Creation is to honor and serve Jesus Even though demons have chosen not to Honor and serve Jesus as Lord now the Rebellion does not change their purpose Or alter the truth of Jesus triumph over Them He showed his superiority over them Through his crucifixion and Resurrection With its vast expanse and magnificence The universe was made by Jesus to Declare his Supremacy When Jesus returns in glory every knee Will bow in heaven and on Earth and Under the Earth and every tongue Acknowledged that Jesus Christ is Lord To the glory of God the Father Saying Jesus is Lord doesn't necessarily Mean that we have yielded Our Lives to His will and trusted in his grace but it

Does mean we should recognize this truth And yield our lives in obedience before He returns in glory As God's image in human flesh Jesus is Emmanuel God's presence among us as our King Lord and savior When our lives and hearts are yielded to His will then no one and nothing can Prevent his ultimate victory for us from Becoming God's Ultimate Reality for us Prayer Holy and almighty God thank you for Revealing yourself in Jesus Thank you for triumphing over all powers And every created thing and being Thank you for giving me the confidence That I belong to you no outside force Nor any power in creation can have what Belongs to you In your name O God the Creator and king Of all I pray Amen Foreign [Music]

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