Bible Verse of the Day – April 10, 2023

Verse of the day April 10 2023 Since the children have Flesh and Blood He also shared in their Humanity so that By his death he might destroy him who Holds the power of death that is the Devil Hebrews 2 verse 14. thoughts on today's Verse Did you know that Jesus is not only our Savior but also our brother He had to be made like his brothers and Sisters the Holy Spirit We were God's lost children so Jesus Came and shared our mortality our human Skin with all its limitations so that he Could defeat our worst enemy the evil Deathmaker Satan Now through Jesus Incarnation and human Flesh death no longer has its hooks in Us or its hold on us Jesus our spiritual big brother has Defeated it Our older brother is now at our father's Side interceding for us until we can go Home to him Prayer Thank you almighty God for sending Jesus To be like me and live among people like Me as one of us As I think of your sacrifice and his Love I am overwhelmed by my Insignificance in the vast Universe yet I am beloved by the creator of it all

I am thankful that Jesus gift has made Me your child whose older brother is Jesus Some days Abba Father it is hard for me To wait for our family reunion So I wait in Hope for our great reunion Day Please use me dear father to help others Know about your family gift and Son in Jesus name I praise and thank you amen [Music]

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